Rose_wine_It is true that you can go out and have fun at any age. Of course, not everyone should probably do everything, there are some limits, but it is imperative that you enjoy yourself are much as you can. Whilst it can seem that going out out, we are forever grateful to Micky Flanagan for that, requires quite a generous amount of effort, it is just a hell lot of fun. And there’s nothing like coming back in after you’ve been out. It makes the outing seem all that worthwhile.

You’re living in one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world. There is so much to do, you’re often overwhelmed with choice – much like selecting a blonde escort, or brunette, from our gallery. There is simply no excuse to be sitting in when you could be at galleries, restaurants or just milling about around town. You don’t need to meticulously plan, it’s just being open-minded enough to try things that you’re slightly weary of.

And of course, drinking copious amounts of alcohol, whilst not recommended, can certainly liven up any evening. The next day might not go to plan, however, depending on your intake and tolerance levels. But seeing as you had fun, then, in the moment, why worry? As long as you didn’t end up with a facial tattoo, we think you’re fine. It’s always better to not regret. But there are certain things you should avoid at all costs; one of them is texting when you’ve had a few too many. Whilst there is always the apology message the next day, it seems that you can’t possibly be expected to feel too bad about it. So long as it’s simply chat, and nothing vicious that you can’t take back.

The only thing with going out, especially if it’s on a work night, is that you are still required to upbeat and alert, so it’s all about knowing your limit. It might even be a case of just making sure you don’t mix drinks. The worst thing in the world, even more so than falling out of a taxi or losing personal items, is mixing drinks. It doesn’t taste good, in either direction. So let us be sensible, and just enjoy ourselves without taking it too far. Of course, if you’re looking for a bit of dutch courage before your first ever date with a companion from our agency, we’d leave it at one. There’s nothing worse than turning up, slurring your speech and not be able to remember the amazing experience. That would just be simply awful.