Dijon_-_MusC3A9e_de_l27ElectricitC3A9_-_Tourne_disqueJust like smells can trigger memories, particular songs can spark feelings of nostalgia and take you back to a time you had once thought forgotten. When a track is played on the radio, perhaps on the iPod (other MP3 players are available) shuffle that you forgot how much you loved. The songs that remind us of times gone by can be in vast comparison to our colleagues. It can be even more awkward if a song comes on the radio and for one person to shout ‘turn it up!’, only for another to say ‘turn it off!’. If it’s an absolute tune, and is generic of a specific genre, for example Britney’s …Baby One More Time, chances are, everyone will love. This one in particular pretty much defined the nineties pop era. Exploding onto the scene in the late nineties, we don’t particularly want to spend time addressing the staying power this pop princess has had with her chart domination over the past. Instead we’re much more interested in the effects particular things have, without us even thinking about it.

Whilst it can be possible to forget people who were once in our lives, it seems the words to songs that we haven’t heard in years will never leave our minds. You know the words the second the song comes on the radio, you remember every single detail, down to the key change and the elongated word in the last chorus. This is just because there are things that we are destined to never forget. And songs from our past is absolutely one of them.

Given the jobs market, the seemingly-endless recession and never having more than a minute to ourselves, we certainly cherish those moments that remind us of a simpler time. It can seem a welcome escape from the troubles that might be consuming us in today’s world. Thinking back to when pop dominated the charts, phones were used to make phone calls and nothing else, and you could pretty much predict any of the lyrics to any song that would come on the radio. Nowadays, we have to look for other things to give us pleasure. And for our clients, that comes in the form of the brunette escorts in our gallery. Who wants to sing along when you can have lots of fun playing along?