Kalenderlys-tscaWe wish it could be Christmas, everyday! But probably not really because then it would spoil the special day that happens once a year. We always say that people start their prep too early, with shops stocking festive items before the end of October, but it seems this year we almost got caught out. In creative style, we found ourselves running around the shops at the very last minute. The only way we could make it through was to keep telling ourselves that it’d be alright. Of course, there will always be the select few who are so incredibly organised that they have all of their presents, including the secret santa at work whom they’re not even sure who it’s for, wrapped and everything, by the first of December. We think these people need to spend more time with the Christmas escorts. It seems that they just have too much time on their hands. You’re meant to be enjoying yourself this festive period, so don’t be stressing out in November! Take your time, and chill. Good things will come of it.

It doesn’t matter how you’re celebrating it, if you’re just with one friend or it’s an entire family jaunt, just make sure that you do. It certainly can take it out of you if you’re planning a huge day. But it makes it all worth it when the house if filled with laughter, even if it does mean there is an abundance of washing up to be done. It’s the one time of year where age is not important – you don’t have to be a youngster to get in the Christmas spirit. You can be as childish as you like, seriousness takes a backseat on the 25th.

Christmas Day never fails to make us laugh, nor does it stop us arguing with family members. But it’s all part of the package. Of course, there are plenty of drinks to be drunk and merriment to be had, so we say knock back a few, tune into the TV Christmas specials and just totally succumb to the day. You laugh, you watch films, you dance, you drink, you eat, you socialise. It’s one of the best days of the year so don’t wish it away.