HamburgerSo we’re into the third or fourth week of the year, we appear to have lost count, and already we’re craving some bad food. Whilst we knew that this wasn’t going to be easy, if it was everybody would be walking around with the perfect body, we don’t particularly want to give in. We think this shows massive improvement, however, that we haven’t immediately reached for the phone to the local Chinese place. We are, in fact, weighing up the options and being oh so grown up about it instead of going straight for the food. We might even ponder it whilst munching on an orange, oh we feel healthy already. But it seems that we can treat ourselves every once in awhile. It’s all about keeping a good balance.

Though keeping a food diary is perhaps a little bit excessive, you should be able to indulge without it messing up your goal of being healthier, so you just need to keep a closer eye on what you’re eating. If you head out with the lads for a beer and curry of a Friday night, perhaps have a healthier dinner the next day. You’ve still spoilt yourself, but you’ve also rectified it by not having a weekend binge of junk food. You won’t need to worry about running off the vindaloo at the gym, but it might spur you to do that extra mile on the treadmill. We think that being bad every once in awhile might even make us a bit better at being good because we know we’ve been bad. That wasn’t explained very well. We’ll try again.

If you have a rough night, perhaps mid-week drinks ran a little long and you ended up with a tab instead of a receipt, and you feel a little bit rough at your desk the next morning, you can end up feeling less than productive. So much so, that the next day, you’re bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, wanting to make a good impression and show you’re a useful asset to the team. And this can only mean good things. Of course, we’re not in anyway suggesting that to be a good worker you have to get plastered a few nights a week, but it’s all about the balance. And if you overdo certain things, they can begin to lose their spark, their appeal. The thing about them that makes them so important. It’s the same as the London escorts; as long as you keep it as a treat to yourself, you’ll never get bored of them. Which, is almost impossible, have you seen the?!