JK-FlipflopComic-YesNow, we know that New Year’s Eve is over a month away, but it’s not that long until the big night. Which to us, is the BEST night of the year. Some people think it’s overrated, but we couldn’t disagree, more. It’s the one night you can really let loose, drink your cares away and welcome to the new year and all its promise with friends, family and whomever else you wish to be in your company during this joyous occasion. And whilst several of us will choose not to make New Year’s resolutions, aware that on the third day, or maybe even by the end of the first week if you’re that good, you will have failed miserably. Up there with quitting smoking, losing weight and generally being more healthy, we don’t understand why they have to be negative things, or activities that will depress and deplore us. They could very easily be good things, certain subjects or doings that will transform us. For example, the simple task of saying yes more often.

This has proved such a popular undertaking that a film was actually made from it. Of course, it might not work in every case, but you’re opening up your mind to new things. The pure fact that you’re saying yes means you’re experiencing something, rather than sat by yourself indoors, watching television. It’s not like you’ve not done that before, right? So, we are so convinced by our exceptionally well-written pose that we are definitely well into it. Therefore, come the 1st January, we will absolutely start saying more to things. Of course, we need you to not take advantage, by asking us to offer you freebies from the services our sensational blonde escorts provide. There is a certain level of quality that we provide that simply cannot be offered for any less than the advertised costings. And you know what they say about there’s no such thing as a free lunch.

We of course want you to come back to us after every encounter with your chosen companion from our plethora of galleries, but we need to ensure we can still offer the best rates of any agency in the city, so if offered you discounted prices, we have to put up the everyday prices. And that would not make for happy clients, our biggest priority. So now you’ve agreed to be more open to ideas, spontaneous and, let’s be honest, just that little bit more fun, it’s time to get out there and start living! Why not start by having a look our galleries. They’re rather fabulous, if we do say so ourselves.