Christmas_tree_baubleMERRY CHRISTMAS, EVERYBODY! We know we’re about three weeks too early, but we’re just really getting into it, at the moment. The weather has turned crisp, we are very much into December and it just feels right. All we need now is a sprinkling of snow, to see Santa riding his sleigh down the high street and to blare the Christmas tunes from the speaker. Of course, you have the undeniable classics that you never fail to get you up, singing your heart out and really get into the festive spirit. You’re then spoiled with the amazing duets and one-offs that come around this time of year, normally something cheesy. But we’ll admit The Darkness’ attempt at a Christmas song was certainly catchy and we always find ourselves laughing along to it, especially if we’re alone in the car, driving home for Christmas. Another classic! Highlighting the greatest tunes of years gone by, who wouldn’t be excited at the prospect of spending time with Chris Rear as he sings us all the way to your front door?

It seems that it is only ever acceptable at Christmas to spend insane amounts of time outside, with limbs slowly losing feeling and their inability to grip or grasp any object gradually diminshing. Of course, you should have prepared by wearing gloves, a hat, perhaps even a scarf. Either way, you’re not as miserable as you would be if it was happening in February, for example. We imagine it has something to do with the pretty lights and decorations and overall cheer that is absent in the rest of the year. It just warms us from our frostbitten toes to our nippy ears. And we couldn’t be more thrilled.

When it comes to hanging your stockings by the chimney with care, and not worrying if you will stumble across the bottom stair (they might not be the official lyrics…), it’s best to do it with a happy head. And this is the time to really indulge, treating yourself as well as your family. Perhaps you’ve always want to spend time with one of the Christmas escorts we have for you, here at Chic? If that’s the case, join us, be merry, and have a bloody good Christmas!