Firework1_preSo the new year has been bestowed upon us, and we are looking forward to embracing this new start and making it truly our own. There are so many possibilites to the start of a new year, it’s literally like a blank canvas. With so many things that we might be able to achieve, there is something about the start of a year where you haven’t yet met with defeat, and you’re running on drive and enthusiasm. Of course, we are all more pro-active at the start of the year, there’s something that really gets us up off our arses and gets us going. That’s why gym memberships peak at the new year, and actual gym attendance is next to none. But we want to embrace it, and not let what could be a fantastic year, pass us by. We’re positive that 2013 is the year that so many of our clients capture as their own.

There is never normally a showcase when it comes to the New Year, unless you’re one of those who consider NYE the most important night of the year, and several people in the Chic office would hasten to agree. There’s something about knowing that the whole country, whilst they may not be all out at the same time, you know that surely you’ll be counting down the seconds. With Christmas, everyone is different; some people get up at 5am, others lie in until noon. Some have Christmas lunch, others have a dinner. But on New Years, there is only one time to tune in and really celebrate the new year, and that’s at half past eleven! Of course, we jest, it’s quarter to one.

The thing with a New Year’s Eve party is that it is certainly not for amateurs. With most, they would probably start drinking at around 8pm, or something. Perhaps even earlier if they’ve the whole day off. And factor in they know they will have the following day off, and you’ve a group of people who just absolutely want to get rat-bottomed, especially if you’re planning to meet up with a New Years Eve escort. This is neither healthy nor classy, and not the image you want to be sailing into the new year, with. When it comes to it this day of the year, it’s imperative that you get a right start on it. Having done this a couple of years in a row, we’d definitely consider ourselves somewhat pros at this malarky. So don’t start drinking until at least half past nine, at the very earliest. Make sure you’ve had a good, hearty meal during the day (there’s nothing worse than seeing a chicken mcnugget meal in reverse when you’re humming along to Auld Lang Syne) and just enjoy it. This day comes but once a year!