Festival_nyon_campingWith so much talk of London Fashion Week surrounding every last inch of every social media outlet at the moment, we can be forgiven to opt to write this week’s blog about something far detached from the attire world that has an industry worth around £21 billion, in Britain alone. Instead, we’re going to discuss something that isn’t altogether removed from the fashion world, but often goes hand in hand with it. Today’s talk? The world of music and, in particular, the festival that has just announced its headliners. Of course we are talking about The Wireless Festival. Entering its eighth year, this music event is lending itself to becoming one of the more popular of the summer haunts. Of course, nothing will beat Glastonbury or perhaps the Isle of Wight Festival, but others are fast approaching. Reading is almost seen as the ‘wannabe one’, and just far too expensive. Don’t get us wrong, though. We love nothing better than camping in a field for four days with limited access to showers and just general hygiene keep up.

This is obviously part of the experience and what is to be expected. But having announced the lineup to be fairly amazing this year, we think we could perhaps go without our hair gel for a couple of days. Or could we? We tend to lead with our tresses! There’s something about a good hairdo that really does it for us. That’s why we love to pick our companions on their hair colour. This might seem odd, given that this is one of the only occupations that you can specify hair colour. Apart from acting, perhaps, for certain roles. However, hair can be a very particular thing. For example, you wouldn’t expect someone you know, who has incredibly dark hair to suddenly go peroxide blonde. Not only would it be detrimental to the hair follicles given that dramatic change, but it probably wouldn’t look right. Some people are blessed to have a number of hair colours that suit them, others should stick the colour they were born with.

Whilst we don’t specify who’s naturally light-haired, the blonde escorts that are in our gallery are the epitome of girls that love nothing more than having a bit of fun and just living life to the full. Although we don’t recommend taking any of the companions to a festival with you this summer, they will make for amazing fun if you opt of living in a field for half a week.